Independent power production discussion/input link from Aimee Watson Area D Director Aug. 1 2019

For all those keen on discussing independent power production and/or those aware of the various barriers to producing power and selling it to the grid, the BC Government is currently seeking input on the Standing Offer Program.

SOP Is what, mostly, regulates how one can sell into the grid. This is a major barrier for many including our regional municipalities who are eager to see watersheds that provide our drinking water also become how we power our communities.

For details on the SOP and where you can provide your input:…/consulta…/standing-offer-program/


Interior Forest Renewal

I just came from a workshop with the province, community forests, industry leaders from mills to tenure holders, non profits and local government that outlined five key areas of interest the BC Government is seeking input on.

The riveting policy paper and input forms can be found here:…/interior-forest-renewal-forest-…/

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