Recycling and Waste management

Hello everyone, while the transition to the new recycling program coming to Area D from RDCK and Recycle BC is happening, now is a good time to refresh and remind residents and visitors around garbage management, recyclables, and bear attractants.For Lardeau Valley and Area D residents who take their recyclables to either Kaslo or Marblehead Recycling depots, there will be a temporary pause in recycling collection at the depots as the new system is phased in (

Waste is still being accepted at the Kaslo and Marblehead Waste Transfer Stations.Garbage is 60% of the attractant reported for black bears to the Conservation Officer Service when an attractant is identified. It also leads to conflict with a variety of other wildlife including grizzly bears, wolves, coyotes, raccoons, skunks, rats and more.

Here are a few helpful Bear-Smart Methods to keep in mind when managing your Garbage and Recyclables:

1. Do not store garbage outdoors. Store garbage and recyclables in a secure building, garbage or shed until your next trip to the Kaslo or Marblehead Waste Transfer stations. Empty or full, containers left outside provide smells and visual cues that can attract wildlife.

2. If you do not have a garage/shed, then secure the container with a tight lid to a structure so that it cannot be dragged away.

3. If you cannot store garbage securely, freeze smelly items and add to the bin before collection and pick-up in the morning or heading to the waste transfer station.

4. Ensure your garbage containers are tightly closed or consider purchasing a bear-resistant household container. While not 100% bear-proof, it will provide that extra layer of protection and help deter most wildlife from accessing it. (

5. Regularly wash all recycling items and make sure the bins or containers that contain garbage or recycling are clean. Smells can attract wildlife.

6. Do not leave garbage or recyclables in the back of a truck, even if it has a canopy. Do not leave garbage or recyclables around your campsite.

7. If you compost at home, manage your compost correctly , use equal parts of brown and green material and do not overload the compost with fruit – if need be, store material indoors (or freeze) and add gradually.

Feel free to share these tips with your friends and neighbours in the Lardeau Valley and in Area D. Let’s keep our communities safe and our wildlife wild in the Lardeau Valley and Area D by managing garbage and recyclables to reduce the bear and wildlife attractants and transition successfully to the new recycling program this summer.Remember to report any encounters with aggressive wildlife or sightings of bears, cougars, deer, wolves or coyotes to the Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277.

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