New: response vehicle for the Lardeau Valley First Responders!

Great news! The Kaslo Fire Department recently purchased a response vehicle
for the Lardeau Valley First Responders, Rescue 492.

Robyn and Glen Skobalski have been our primary responders for close to 6 years and are now joined by Kristi Gazzard (absent for the picture) who recently relocated
from Kaslo to Meadow Creek. They would also like to extend a special thank
you to Dwight and Debbie Smith who have kindly given them permission to
store the truck in their old shop where it can be plugged in and protected
from the elements.

The First Responders are here as an initial response to
medical emergencies to provide necessary care until BC Ambulance arrives.

A valuable service given our remote location. The protocol is to always first
call 911 and from there they will dispatch BCAS and the First Responders.

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