Director Watson congratulates and welcomes Jace Lamoureux as Alternate Director for Area D!

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Area D! I have exciting new to share with you!

It is my sincere honour to welcome Jace Lamoureux as Alternate Director for Area D!

Jace, while also being in med school, running a business and a few other projects, has graciously accepted the volunteer position as a way to bridge his homegrown roots with governance and process. What is that saying? Want something done, ask the person who is already really busy??Jace will be taking on the roles of: Director on the West Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital District, Committee member for Kaslo Health Select Committee Assisting me with newsletters and updates, Filling in at meetings, when I am double booked and only if he is not!

Jace, I am so excited to work with you! I promise to not overload you… I put that in writing so you can hold me to it! I want to thank outgoing alternate Director Cloe Bayeur Holland. Cloe was very helpful on many issues, either as a sounding board or by editing and attending meetings for me. Cloe is active member of Kaslo Search and Rescue and with that work, pretty full! I cannot express enough how much I appreciate and love the hard work we all put into making North Kootenay Lake so wonderful.

Welcome Jace! Thank you Cloe!

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