Local Business Promotion Project

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LINKS is happy to announce the roll out of our Local Business Promotion Project with huge thanks to the businesses that participated and to the community by way of the RDCK and CBT Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Program Funding. 

Project Deliverables:

  • An updated business and community directory.
  • A general clean-up of the LINKS website to better function as a host to said directory.
  • The creation of multiple Business of the Month posters, which you will see rolling out on local message boards in the coming year. 

The take-away from this project is the incredible entrepreneurial creativity and resourcefulness of our communities.  We have catalogued more than 65 local businesses or social enterprises currently operating from the Lardeau Valley, many that employ other locals. 

Check out the new directory and business of the month posters as they come out; there may be some businesses you didn’t even know about. 

This project has been one component of the LINKS Business Promotion Initiative, which will see LINKS collaborating with Kaslo & Area Chamber of Commerce, the RDCK and local businesses to further serve the economic well-being of the area. 

Have a business to be listed or updated?  Have a business or social enterprise idea and looking for information about resources? Email: links@lardeauvalley.ca.  

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