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Founded 2010, Lardeau Valley Opportunity LINKS Society is a community organization that links individuals, businesses, groups and organizations throughout the Lardeau Valley. Our goal is to provide support to our community members so that they may continue to thrive in the Lardeau Valley.  LINKS works to advance the economic, social and environmental well-being of Lardeau Valley residents. Through developing community connection, and amplifying the voices of Lardeau Valley’s, LINKS helps to build a cohesive and vibrant community.

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Welcome to the Lardeau Valley

The Lardeau Valley is geographically located at the north end of Kootenay Lake and Duncan Lake area in the West Kootenay Valley of British Columbia.

Lardeau Valley is a remote mountainous area boasting a total population of approximately 387 full time residents. This includes seven main communities (Lardeau, Cooper Creek, Meadow Creek, Howser, Poplar Creek, Argenta and Johnson’s Landing) as well as smaller ones such as Hamill Creek and Gold Hill.

Gas stations and convenience stores are located in both Cooper Creek and Meadow Creek. Both Meadow Creek and Argenta have a Canada Post outlet. Meadow Creek is also the location of the sole restaurant and pub.

Meadow Creek, Argenta and Johnson’s Landing each have community halls maintained by vibrant and active local nonprofit associations with the assistance of the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK).

The area is home to several small mills, timber construction companies, skiing, wilderness resorts, organic market farms, professional artists and craftspeople (to mention a few). A full listing of businesses and services are found on our Community Directory.

Community members are comprised of dedicated homesteaders, retirees and people that just want to reside in a small quiet remote wilderness area. Residents tend to be independent with varying degrees of self-sufficiency. Communities are small and very close knit yet friendly and dynamic.

Community Directory

Listings of businesses, services, and points of interest

Jobs + Opportunities

Job and opportunity postings and work wanted listings


Calendar of Lardeau Valley events

Emergency Contacts

Lardeau Valley Emergency Contact numbers

Community Notice Boards

Argenta – Post Office and Community Centre, Argenta Rd.

Cooper Creek – The store at Cooper Creek  gas station and convenience store Highway 31

Howser – Notice board in Upper Howser, Howser Station Rd.

Johnsons Landing – Notice board near mail boxes and community hall, Rogers Rd.

Lardeau – by the PO boxes, 4th St.

Meadow Creek – The Meadow Creek store, Highway 31.

Lardeau Valley Opportunity LINKS Society


In 2009, addressing a long standing need for united representation of the interests of Lardeau Valley, residents came together to form the Lardeau Valley Community LINKS society. Links was formed to unite, support, and invigorate the communities, businesses and groups of the Lardeau Valley, and work towards shared economic, social and environmental wellbeing. LINKS officially became a society in 2010.

Links had its first AGM in 2011, and a productive year. They offered S100 Basic Wildfire Training (offered annually thereafter), and GPS Basics Training. Links initiated the acquisitions of fire equipment for the Lardeau Valley, and new roofs for the community halls in Argenta and Johnson Landing. They facilitated the local Mosquito Control, Business Library and Resources, and Arts in the Park for BC Parks 100th anniversary. They also handled projects to encourage investment in the Kootenay region.

2012 saw the Emergency Signage Project, to improve the Lardeau Valley’s signage for emergency situations (ex. house numbers for ambulances), and the Museum Face Lift Project. Links also organized the Lardeau Valley Market, until it became an independent society in 2016. That year, the group conducted an Economic Development Survey, and began the Forest Inventory Project — a study, in the wake of Meadow Ceek Cedar’s closure, to assess the economic viability of local forestry opportunities.

In the years to follow, LINKS would be responsible for education, workshops and courses that represent the diverse interests of the Valley. They have included, but weren’t limited to, Women with Saws, Bike Repair, Basic Chainsaw Safety, Senior’s Hiking Outings, Seed Saving, Artists Retreats, and Local Bird Education.

From its inception, LINKS began conducting surveys and polls, and hosting events to assess and address community needs. They have included the Senior’s Needs Assessment Survey, Emergency Preparedness Fairs, Meat and Feed producers survey, and the Power Stability Survey. LINKS collaborates with local government and organizations to facilitate and advertise for public meetings / events, keeping the community connected with local politics and news. 

LINKS has delivered agriculture sector supports since 2017 and grid stability initiatives since 2020.  LINKS has also been involved in Emergency services by hosting the Lardeau Valley Emergency Preparedness fair and liaising and sharing information from various emergency services across the area.  

LINKS partners with Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK), Columbia Basin Trust, The Province of BC, ETSI-BC, and other funders to deliver projects to the Lardeau Valley and help funding bodies know the priorities of the community. Financial support for the Lardeau Valley has been made available through the REDI Fund, and many agricultural focused programs. This has included the Agricultural Showcase Project in 2018, promoting our local food producers, and the Farm Innovation Project, beginning in 2017, which supports many of our local food producers, and contributes to both the economic health, and food security in the area. Links has also  acquired funds to purchase equipment and signage for the Lardeau Valley Market, Automated External Defibrillators, a projector for the Meadow Creek Hall, and Bear Bins. 

Links continues to be run by a board of residents who, along with the Executive Director Chelsey Jones, help the area thrive and move forward as a community. LINKS distributes a weekly newsletter, keeping the community up-to-date with local opportunities and news. LINKS also hosts a community website, offering a community and business directory, local information, and frequent community updates.

LINKS Board Governance

Jillian Madill

Ingrid Cooper

Carl Johnson

Bob Gazzard
Board Member

Fiona Daniels
Board Member

Chelsey Jones
Executive Director + Web Manager

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