Director's Corner - Aimee Watson

Aimee Watson, Area D Director Update – May 17, 2021

Hello Area D!

Happy spring quickly becoming summer as the heat is rising. I can see by our river flows, the snow is melting! Gardens are blooming and the lawn mowers are active. It is still a tough time of year with our annual May Days event cancelled again, fingers crossed we will be gathering as our normal soon!

In the meantime, for your reading enjoyment, here are the RDCK board week meeting agendas. I will highlight items that may be of interest to Area D.

Wednesday the 19th, Rural Affairs

This link will take you to the call in information and the agenda:…/rural-affairs-committee-40.html

Wednesday the 19th as well, at 1pm we have Joint Resource Recovery Committee:

With the switch to Recycle BC and the very evident cost to predominantly rural districts for the lack of full service by RBC, the RDCK has reviewed our recycling operations. That report is item #7 Our annual hazardous waste pick up plan is item #8

And most exciting, we are releasing the RDCK Resource Recovery Plan for public consultation. This is a legislative requirement that outlines all of the programs provided in the RDCK for resource recovery. Your voice and views are critical, watch for those engagement opportunities, or listen in as this is item #9…/Documents/2021-05-19_JRRC_Agenda.pdf

Thursday morning we meet for our full board meeting. We have two delegations, first up will be Community Futures providing an update on the Cannabis Transition program. Next, we will hear from the Be Amazing Campaign with educator Cathy Peters.

Items of interest:

2.1.2 and 2.1.9 Kaslo and Area D Economic Development Commission minutes- stay up to date on what we are doing!

2.4.1 Directors Reports- I have submitted an overall report along with a report on the Columbia River Treaty and as a new board member to the Columbia Basin Trust. Also under this item, the long awaited Lardeau Valley Community Development report that outlines a pathway to a resilient region. I am happy to report that I am moving forward with several of the actions in this report, I will provide the outline of commitments in an upcoming LINKs newsletter.

4.10.3 UBCM response to the RDCK on our resolutions from 2020. Of note for Area D is our request on accretions, as they increase so does the public confusion and pressure for public water front access.

7.2.3 Housing Action PlanThe RDCK Directors met a few weeks ago to review our housing assessment and plan for next steps, the report outlines recommendations to move us into the best possible position to support affordable housing

7.4.2 CBT Community Initiatives and Affected Areas funds – The final ballots for both Community Initiatives and Affected Areas will be approved at this board meeting. If you applied and would like to see what is proposed for approval, please check out this item!

7.6.2 Community Development Grants – This month, I am providing funds to the Kaslo Disc Golf course, North Kootenay Lake Community Services for the completion of the composting study, Lardeau for portable water tanker and LINKs for the continuation of the Farmer Innovation program! This last one will have much more information forth coming, farmers get ready!

Enjoy the reading and as usual, you can reach me via email or phone should you have questions, concerns or ideas to share.…/Docu…/2021-05-20-BRD_Agenda-lr.pdf