Clarifications about the RDCK Mosquito Program

From Director Watson

Mosquito Hotline- PLEASE USE THIS NUMBER!(250) 352-1525 / 1-844-313-1913

Yes, its a high flow year. We have increased aerials to address earlier and more releases from Duncan Dam and the high river flows. Freshet is still coming down. The annual report for 2021 indicated there were no calls or concerns received which we know is not true given I do pay attention to Facebook and see them. If the right people who are managing the program do not hear about missing areas of concerns, issues with the application and other questions, then they do not get addressed. As the elected official for the area that provides this service, i do not directly manage and operate the program, i guide budgets and address community concerns,. There is lots being raised regarding environmental impacts alongside requests to increase the treatments. Conflicting direction but as this service was brought in under referendum, it continues unless there is significant community opposition. To end the program would require another referendum. You can always email me as well but if you want to see a treatment of have questions about one, going direct to that phone number connects to the contractor directly while tracking the input and will report the community feedback to me and the RDCK staff.