Columbia Basin Food Supply Chain Map

A Columbia Basin Food Supply Chain Map is being developed that shows what products are being shipped, whereto and how often.

This map is intended to connect businesses in the food and agriculture sector who are distributing their products in the Columbia Basin. They want to help businesses overcome barriers to shipping in the region by collaborating to be more cost effective.
Watch this short video to learn more about the project:

Sign up by filling in this short form to add your company to the map. Once your company is on the map, you can put in the information about what you’re shipping, to where and how often.  The whole process takes less than 5 mins.

For instructions on how to add your company and data, watch this video:
This video explains how to use the map:

Questions?  Contact Rebecca Richards, Director, Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation, 250-364-6461 ext: 221 office; 250-921-6169 cell