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Director Watson updates, links to board agenda & more, May 19th

While that was an odd and kind of eerie May Days, it was sure great to see the maypole go up and a parade! All of our emergency services providers plus the Village of Kaslo pulled off a heart warming May Day parade!! I got pics of everyone I could and will post soon. 

In the meantime, we have a busy board week ahead. The board is continuing to meet remotely with only the committee and board Chairs attending in person. Navigating 7-8 hour meetings via phone is a whole new skill I am developing and with a serious decrease in driving, I am not complaining! I miss the engagement in person provides, but it is not a hard compromise to remain home and still achieve our business. 

With that, the public can still participate! WE post the number and all of the agendas on the RDCK website- will link below. Public time for questions is generally at 11:45, this is when the public can query the board, rest of the meeting is listening to our discussions and debates. Bring popcorn!

Here is this week’s board agenda. I will also post our resource recovery and rural affairs agenda’s below. 

Items of interest:
1.4 We will have our first delegation via telephone. Tara D’Courcy will present on the Central Forestry Revitalization plans. Delegations generally run from 9:05 to about 9:30

2.2 wildfire Mitigation -Crown Land Update. The RDCK has been working on crown land wildfire mitigation for about 15 years. There have been significant changes to how this work will be conducted and funded from the Ministry of Forest. The attached report outlines those changes and recommended actions for the board in response to the changes. With 7-9 Area D communities having completed or in the cue for FireSmart Communities, five fuel prescriptions in 4 communities written and several more communities working in their own regard in wildfire mitigation- Argenta Johnson Landing, Shutty Bench and Allen Subdivision, this is important information to follow. 

3.1.1 + 3.1.2 + 3.1.4 Kaslo and Area D Economic Development Commission minutes. You can read the business of the shared economic development commission for Kaslo and Area D. Most recently, we have amended the contract for economic action plan, in progress right before COVID, to include an immediate support position for the region to access programs in response to COVID, a virtual downtown for Area D businesses and planning for recovery and resilience. Please follow North Kootenay Lake page on Facebook and watch the local papers for updates. If you are business or other entity needing support, do reach out and I will be sure to connect you with this new service. 

3.3.12 + 3.3.3 Letters of Support from Area D. Here you can see what projects/programs Area D is supporting

8.1.3 Recreation Service Update. Our recreation services is by far one of the hardest hit by COVID. Over 200 employees were laid off and many of our facilities remain closed. For a fill review of the state of our recreation services with the budget implication and plans for re-opening, read the report. For Area D, this report addresses Glacier Creek, rest of the services are outside of Area D. Local community halls are operating and managed by their respective boards. 

8.4.1 Overall RDCK Services COVID update. For a review of all other services, impact to service levels, budgets and projects openings for those that have reduced services, read this report. It is a great overview of all of the budgetary adjustment made, proposed, staffing changes and proposed changes moving forward.

8.6.3 Area D is providing funds to JazzFest to work on alternative entertainment options as we see the floating stage stay docked for the first year in ….28?

10.2 Basin Wide Food Security Plan. This is my motion on an action that started when our Emergency Operations Center was first activated in response to COVID. The item on this agenda is the full plan proposed and an interim action plan for immediate needs. Motions are for a letter of support and funding to act on the interim plan while the wider plan is reviewed by neighboring Regional Districts and funders. 

Board agenda:…/Go…/Documents/2020-05-21-BRD_Agenda-lr.pdf
Call in details:…/event…/meetings/rdck-board-meeting-17.html

Joint Resource Recovery agenda:…/joint-resource-recovery-committee-meeting…

Rural Affairs agenda:…/Admin…/Documents/2020-05-20-RAC_Agenda.pdf
Call in details:…/…/meetings/rural-affairs-committee-28.html

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