Director's Corner - Aimee Watson

Director Watson’s RDCK meeting highlights, Aug 18th

For your reading pleasure,

here is this weeks RDCK board meeting agenda. I have highlighted the items that may be of interest to Area D. This is the last meeting of the week with 6 others starting this morning with Kaslo and Area D Shared Services at Village Hall. That agenda is here:

With over 3000 pages of material to read and review, I will do my best to post the highlights of each meeting, in separate posts.

Still to come:
Resource Recovery Plan Community Sustainability (biofuel study interim report)
Rural AffairsJoint Resource Recovery (recylcing update)
For the RDCK board meeting, highlights below with full agenda here:
Kaslo and Area D Economic Development Commission minutes3.4.1 Directors reports, you can see mine and Mayor Hewat’s under this section3.4.3 Columbia River Treaty negotiations update, Directors Faust and I both sit on this committee, have a read for where this process is at4.2 Columbia River Treaty Heritage Project, as a member of this committee, this is an exciting project to capture a history that was flooded8.1.1 Recreation Update provides an overview of how RDCK has been and will be handling the reopening of our recreation services. I have had complaints and concerns raised about Glacier Creek with being full beyond the overflow. As you will see, all trails and parks are above 2019 stats by at minimum, 50%. Its great to see our outdoor recreation amenities well in use but there are concerns that we are surpassing a carrying capacity that is hard to understand on trails and in our parks.8.2.4 Regional Housing Needs Assessment is close to final. These are now mandated for all local governments to have to assist in the baseline of need and opportunities for solutions. The report is close to 700 pages but can be downloaded through the agenda.8.4.3 Fire Services Update: have a look at how the RDCK is maximizing our ability to support training and equipment acquisition through regionalizing the needs. We know the Kaslo/D Dept has been working overtime with many training opportunities. Most Fire Departments include Search and Rescue, in Kaslo and Area D this is a stand alone non profit society who are also working overtime with training and most notably and huge increase to call outs.

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