Director's Corner - Aimee Watson

Director Watson’s update on Lardeau Park Plan, April 16

Hello Area D,

Lardeau Park Plan will be on our April board meeting. While we have all had other things on our mind, before COVID this was a hot topic for Area D. I received lots of input as did Mayor Hewat and the staff working on this plan. I do hope that we have reached that middle ground as best as possible while addressing the overall concerns that were not unanimous but certainly the majority. 

You can see the full plan on pages 203-358, item 8.1.1. 

I will add that this will be a phased approach as funding becomes available. I will be working to find grants for all capital works and try to limit taxation only to operations. The Kaslo and Area D Recreation Service that this park is funded through is very close to its limit with 7 halls and 5 parks. In short, we will not be going too big with this park but rather keeping it as rural and rustic as possible while providing basic amenities but no wharf. I fully acknowledge that residents who wanted a wharf is what started this process but once all those who participate in the service were consulted, there was clearly not enough support to move forward with building a new wharf. You can review all community input in this document as well. 

Its not possible to please everyone and knowing that some will be unhappy with this direction, i do feel Mayor Hewat and I did our best to find that common ground.

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