April 25th – Director’s Corner

It is board week at the RDCK.
Two items of interest to Area D, the long awaited elector assent process on a First Responder service for all of Area D outside of the fire service boundaries and Climate Action is back in front of the board after an additional year of consultations.
The First Responder details, process for elector assent and the program outline, are described in the report on pages 228-245 here.
We will have staff from Fire and Emergency Services at the Lardeau Valley Emergency fair on May 12th. The elector assent process will be via alternative approval process with ballots available via mail and from the RDCK office, working on some access options in the LV. Further details in the report. And as always, contact me with questions/comments etc.
The Climate Action work has been revised with two different options, should the board choose to move forward. That report and options for approval are on pages 344-427
Thank you to all who have engaged, provided ideas, insights and raised difficult questions. We are not in a cozy, secure time in the earths history, as we prepare for another drought and look to how to do our best to mitigate and be prepared, from supports for regional food systems to wildfire mitigation, action is critical but must be amenable, accessible and not punitive to healthy and affordable options.
You are welcome to listen in or attend in person, however do note that with what I am hearing, it will be a packed board room. Public time is at 11:45 with a maximum of 15 minutes for questions. Of course, you can always reach out directly to Directors and staff as well.