Director's Corner - Aimee Watson

Director’s Corner- April 21st 2022, Property Assessments

Property Assessments and Housing NeedsI want to provide clarification on how your BC Assessment is determined and how to appeal.

Assessment is based on property sales, improvements, and new developments.

I see assessment as a whole, not individual residential or business but Area D as a whole. The critical component that indicates if its your house value increasing or new development is the difference between new market or market change. While Area D had one of the lower assessment increases at about 14%, under 1% of that was new market which means the majority of that increase is related to property sales going up meaning real estate sales are the primary driver.

I have had a few seniors who live in very remote locations contact me with huge concerns of over a 50% increase to their property values. The RDCK does not determine assessment, BC Assessment does, I can however assist with directing residents to the appeal process. If property continue to sell at much higher values, these appeals will not be successful.

High real estate does directly influence your property assessment. Ideally, we have new market change, which is new development and not inflated values but this is not the case in Area D at this time.

I am also receiving requests for support as we are seeing, for the first time in my close to a decade of representing Area D, homelessness. If there are homes out there that residents have available for rent, please reach out and I will connect you with either the Kaslo Housing Society and/or the residents seeking homes.

For Appeals, go to: