Director's Corner - Aimee Watson

Director’s Corner – CORRECTION to load restrictions on Hwy 31 and the Argenta Johnson Landing road

My previous report, which was predominantly regarding this years Area D budget, also included an update on the requests for road improvements. I was incorrect regarding load restrictions, the correct information is posted below.

Regarding the request for a public meeting in the Lardeau Valley to address the increasing annual issues of road safety and maintenance, the Ministry of Transportation has declined to participate or host a public meeting in Lardeau Valley.

As roads remain within the jurisdiction of the province and the advocacy efforts I have attempted to address are not resolved, i must continue to reiterate that all issues need to be sent to the Ministry of Transportation and the MLA for resolution.

Those contacts are:

Kinnear, Greg MOTI:EX <>

Anderson.MLA, Brittny LASS:EX <>

Here is the correct information on the load restrictions from the Ministry of Transportation:

“As for seasonal load restrictions, Argenta Johnson Landing road and Highway 31 are always restricted to 70% during the strength loss season with a select section of highway 31 being restricted to 50%. We have seen some incorrect information online being shared regarding restrictions. Load restrictions state the legal axle weight a truck can have loaded. Therefore, a 50% restriction is more restrictive than 70%. This year our district sent out advance notice of load restrictions on January 24th, and low elevation roads like Highway 31 and Argenta Johnson landing roads were restricted on January 29th. There is signage posted in the field on roads in the area to ensure local industry is aware of the restriction. Information on load restrictions can be found at the link below”.