Director's Corner - Aimee Watson

Director’s Corner – March 38, Taxes Part 3

Taxes Part 3- third and final approval for 2022

I am happy to report that Area D taxation is going down for 2022. I noted the Valley Voice reported at 12% increase, I am not sure where that came from but the numbers ended at a decrease of 0.2%. I have attached a photo of final budget specific to Area D services for your own information.

While service expenses did not drastically reduce, increases to assessment with new builds and new properties, as well as residential increases made enough space that the overall increase was mitigated by more participants in the services.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions!

Stay tuned for upcoming forestry conversations and mosquito service open house.

And last but definitely not least,THANK YOU ROD AND KIM!!! Your years of service to Cooper Creek and all of our North Kootenay Lake communities will be forever cherished. I know you were always there in an emergency and beyond, the neighbor who had power or phone issues, late nighters needing assistance, the store that was also a 2nd home for so many. I wish you all the best in a well deserved retirement.