Director's Corner - Aimee Watson

Director’s Update June 13, 2022

Yes, we are in the time of year that floods and rising lake levels are watched with meticulous eyes.

Sand bags are available at the Lardeau Valley Community Club, Kaslo Emergency hall (Fire Dept) and soon to be a location in the Ainsworth/Woodbury area. We know the lake has hit 1751, likely to hit 1752 and finger’s crossed, not much higher than that as we will see flooding at 1753.Creeks are also peaking or surpassing their banks. Its all hands and eyes on deck, while we have folks stationed across the RD watching those known concern areas, please do keep your eyes on our water ways- from a safe distance. If you witness flooding, erosion, changes that are odd, please do not hesitate to reach out to the provincial flood and debris hotline1800 663 3456

The link to our media advisory with all contact information:

This is also our monthly board week, full of meetings!

We start tomorrow morning (Tuesday) with a workshop on our emergency services for our board members. This is an annual event to refresh our memories and ask questions regarding previous years events and upcoming forecasts.

In the afternoon, we have our sustainability service committee:…/community-sustainable-living…

Wednesday morning rural area directors meet for Rural Affairs committee.…/rural-affairs-committee-meeting-5…

In the afternoon, we have all three sub regional services together for the Joint Resource Recovery Committee.…/joint-resource-recovery-committee…

Thursday morning we have our full board meeting. This meeting has a few Area D items of interest including the annual mosquito abatement program update (item 8.3.1) and several of our shared service meeting minutes for Kaslo and Area D at the beginning of the agenda.…/meetings/rdck-board-meeting-43.html

Each link provides the agenda’s as well as the video link should you wish to attend the meeting.