Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center/JL Worm Farm

Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center

The Retreat Center backs onto the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Provincial Park with the famous Fry Creek Canyon hiking trail minutes from our door. We provide delicious vegetarian cuisine, comfortable lodgings, sacred meditation spaces, a labyrinth and an inspiring mountain view. If you are looking for a one week retreat or less, on your own or with a group, connect to see if we have availability, we always have camping spots available.  We grow lots of Raspberries, Saskatoons and Strawberries. Sometimes we can do a partial garden work-trade to make your country-get-away more affordable.

Check our website to see which retreat programs we are offering this year. 

2240 Kootenay Joe Road, Johnsons Landing, BC Map

Angele and Richard Ortega  PH: (250) 366-4402 or (250) 366-0038

JL Worm Farm

Angele uses cardboard and sawdust to provide food for her ever expanding herd of worms.  It has taken years to soften the soil and dig out the rocks and roots but the results are now visible. We have strawberries and saskatoons for sale in July and organic chicken eggs. If you want to learn more about worms I could use help digging the garden so give me a call at 250-366-0038. I also do Vermi-composting (Worms-in-boxes ).  Garden shops will buy worms by the pound if this interests you as a way to make money. 

Click here for course notes from Angele’s “So You Want To Grow Strawberries” workshop.

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