Grizzly Bear Coexistence Solutions Tips for Coexisting with Bears

Coexistence: n. Existence together or at the same time.
It’s totally possible that we coexist with bears that live in the same habitat as we do. The main thing to keep them away from people and homes is to secure all attractants, manage garbage, and use properly installed and maintained electric fencing that is designed for bear deterrence. Properly installed and maintained electric fencing WORKS. Improperly installed and unmaintained fences DO NOT WORK. Fencing needs to be maintained at 7,000 volts with good grounding and multiple hot wires.
We moved the free-range chicken killers out last week, and August 2nd morning a separate grizzly bear family group was sighted this morning between Cooper Creek and Meadow Creek. These are different bears that are NOT in conflict, yet.

Keeping people and bears safe is reliant on the community working together to:
1. Not allow bears to find food near homes;
2. DO NOT allow bears to feed on berries, fruit, grass or other semi-natural foods on our properties within sight of homes. Make it uncomfortable for bears to be near people from a safe location. If you see these bears on the road, honk at them and drive them into cover (into bushes out of sight). If they are in your yard, make noise from a safe location like out a window or on the porch or from a vehicle and tell the bears to ‘get out of here bear’!
3. If you have safety questions/concerns, please ask and I’m happy to help with free safety advice based on the best knowledge from grizzly bear managers and experts in North America.
4. Let me know about any and all grizzly bear sightings and I’m happy to help move the bears on in a safe way (I am permitted to do this by BC Gov’t), and letting me know about sightings also lets me track which bears are in the valley and their individual known behaviours.
5. We have lots of support for electric fencing cost shares and I still have a couple bear resistant containers for loan. If you need help, just ask; all advice is free and tools are made affordable for you to use


Thanks community, my contact is phone 250-353-1137 and email is:
Gillian Sanders