Director’s Corner with Aimee Watson

Director’s Report – October 2023

Board Report- Area D Medical First Responder Service

Director’s Report – September 2023

Director’s Report – July 2023

Summary of Climate Change Plan Public Meeting on April 17th

RDCK 2023 Budget Breakdown

Director’s Report – February 2023

Director’s Report – January 2023

Director’s Report – Fall 2022 – full PDF

Director’s Report – November 2022

Director’s Report – Summer 2022

Director’s Report – June 13, 2022

Director’s Report- May 2022

Committees Updates – May 2022

2022 Area D-Kaslo Financial Planning Meeting Slides

2022 Draft Financial Plan Area D-Kaslo

Director’s Report – April 2022 – Property Assessment

Director’s Report- March 2022 – Taxes part 3

Director’s Report- February 2022

LV Power Stability Community Meeting Minutes, July 26, 2021

Emergency Preparedness LINKS, August 2021

Update from Aimee Watson, May 17th

Aimee Watson, Directors Report, May 7th

Spring 2021 Directors Report – Area D

Update from Aimee Watson

RDCK taking further actions in response to COVID-19

Letter of support from Aimee Watson

Update from RDCK Director Aimee Watson, March 16

RDCK Housing Survey, an assessment of housing needs

RDCK Heritage Registry is now online, Feb.2020

Update & RDCK weekly agenda, from Aimee Watson, Feb. 2020

RDCK seeking evaluation project for fuel sources in the regions forestry practices, Jan. 30th

RDCK, Jan. 2020 Agenda, thanks to Aimee Watson

Update from Aimee Watson, on power instability in the LV, attached minutes and BC Hydro’s response. Jan 9th, 2020

Independent power production discussion/input link Aug. 1

Director’s Corner – Winter 2022 Report

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