Director Watson on Recycle BC for Marblehead.

Hi Larudeau Valley,

First off, my apologies that the recycling service has been on hold for over a month and further, I am sorry that the new service does not take all that Kaslo does. The short reason is that Recycle BC, who has taken over most of the RDCK recycling services, would not offer a depot in the Lardeau Valley- indicating that Kaslo was close enough. Given we all know that is not true, the RDCK board supported keeping a list of satellite depots, Marblehead being one. Satellite deports are 100% funded through taxation and operated by the RDCK. To compromise on the cost of keeping several satellite depots open, we did reduce the categories of what is accepted and thus, only the three main categories are. The attached link provides all of the details on what is accepted and where. I do recognize this is less than adequate for many but I can say that keeping the site open was a feat in of itself, so the middle ground is where we landed. If anyone in the Lardeau Valley would like to arrange for collecting of plastic bags to bring to the core depot in Kaslo, I would be happy to coordinate support for that. Please contact me via email if you want to discuss this further, have questions or ideas, awatson@rdck.bc