Johnsons Landing Culinary Tool Library Updates

Processing and preserving the abundance to come: The Culinary Tool Lending Library at the Johnsons Landing Hall is open Mondays from 11 am – noon. From canners (both pressure and regular water bath) and dehydrators to smokers and fermentation crocks to juicers and ice-cream makers, we’ve got it available. For a copy of the inventory, or to reserve any item, please email culinary tools to Argenta: For folks who live in Argenta and surrounding area, if you email CTLL item requests to by tuesday 6pm, Karen will bring things to the Argenta Hall on Wednesday at noon.Regular sign-out period is one week, with longer times possible to arrange (eg: for sauerkraut/fermentation crocks) and items can be renewed by email as long as no-one else has reserved the item.There is a one-time membership fee of $20 to join.Thank you to the Columbia Basin Trust and RDCK Area D Community Grants for making this service possible.