Lardeau Christmas Bird Count Results

Photo Credit: Jim Lawrence, Kootenay Reflections Photography

T’was a Steller Day for the 2023 Lardeau Christmas Bird Count (CBC)!

Thank you to the enthusiastic 28 participants from Johnsons Landing, Argenta, Cooper Creek, Meadow Creek, Lardeau and Queens Bay who recorded 40 species on December 27th, 2023!  This is a big improvement over last year’s CBC where only 29 species were recorded. The Historical high for the Lardeau CBC is 47 species, which has occurred 3 times. The Historic low is 25 species. 

Count Day was calm with very favourable conditions (relatively warm, little snow cover and only partially frozen standing water) for getting out in the field. Highlights include high numbers of Steller Jays, Pacific Wren, Bald Eagles, Common Ravens and Wild Turkeys. First time species for a Count Day were  Spruce Grouse and Northern Saw-whet Owl. There were no Pine-siskin, Common Redpoll, crossbills or American Goldfinch reported, even during the Count Week. So where are they? Since they follow ‘their’ food source, their location will be known once all the Audubon CBC results are posted.

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