Letter from CCC, Bill Kestell, March 2019

March 19, 2019

As per Cooper Creek Cedar Ltd (CCC) LINKS submissions on March 18, 2018 & April 23, 2018, CCC has been working on forest development on the Salisbury Ck/Bulmer Ck Face Unit during the past year.  CCC is finalizing information to present to the community showing the preliminary proposed forest development.  CCC is planning to schedule a public meeting at the Argenta Community Hall early to mid May, 2019.  CCC will provide notification of the date and time as this information is determined.

CCC’s objective of the meeting is to present an overview of the Argenta Forest Development Unit showing the forest development area net down due to the Purcell Wilderness, OGMA, GAR Creek Reserve, Woodlot,private land and constrained areas, show the proposed development in Salisbury/Bulmer Face & begin public discussion around the proposed development and to discuss CCC’s next steps.

Cooper Creek Cedar Ltd wants to clarify some false information that CCC, and the Selkirk Forest District have been recently questioned about:  CCC has NOTsubmitted a cutting permit or road permit, and CCC does NOT havean issued/approved cutting permit or road permit for any area that is in the Argenta Forest Development Unit (FDU), as per CCC’s Forest Stewardship Plan’s identified FDUs.  Subsequently, CCC will NOTbe beginning road right-of-way logging and/or road construction and/or cutblock harvesting in the near future.

Submitted by:

Bill Kestell, RPF

Cooper Creek Cedar Ltd

Woodlands Manager