Director's Corner - Aimee Watson

Letter of support from Aimee Watson, March 2020

Good Morning Area D,

How is everyone doing? Are you getting the essentials you need to hunker down and enjoy the best staycation of your life? I am obviously trying to stay positive, I am grateful that we live in a natural setting for social distancing and one so beautiful, I am feeling odd rays of inspiration for what may come out of all of this. 

That being said, this will not be smooth and there are many impacts, most notably to the very core of how we all live- our economy. Whether we believe finances should rule or not, the reality is they do. 

One of the silver linings I am hoping for is that we will adjust our economy to be place based more then global, farming and food production is one of the best examples for this. 

In the process, however, many are facing tough choices and much insecurity when it comes to keeping the house warm and food on the table. Both the Federal and Provincial government are providing daily updates that include more supports being rolled out. Keeping track of them and knowing what specifically pertains to you is a challenge.

There are two sites that I have found to be particularly helpful in navigating all of the announcements, Community Futures of Central Kootenay and MLA Michelle Mungall’s website. 

Community Futures is for businesses and Michelle’s website provides all of the updates with new ones highlighted the day of. 

Please reach out to me (via email or phone, i do not use messenger) if there is anything I can help you with. The RDCK’s primary focus is ensuring your essential services are able to deliver. As your elected official, I will assist where I can in these challenging and unprecedented times. 

I am aware of community delivery services in Kaslo for those that are vulnerable or in quarantine. If Area D remote communities need support, I am happy to coordinate.

If i can make one request of all of you- please be kind to each other, we are moving through this with our own stories and our own needs. I ask you to have open hearts, willingness to listen, help when we can and be there for each other, this is what makes this place the amazing place it is. Stay true to that. and STAY HOME!…

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