Mosquito Updates from Director Watson – July 8th

Confirmed- they are BAD this year. No debating that fact.

Several factors but first some of the solutions:

• More crews are on their way to the Lardeau Valley to assist in the heavy water flows

• Several large properties that are private have lots of standing water on them, tires, buckets, anything holding water still is prime breeding territory. PLEASE ensure you have no standing water anywhere and if you have neighbors that do, in the most respectful way, encourage them to dump it or at least have it aerated so it keeps it moving.

• The program is not permitted to treat private property, but flood waters are not considered private, so we do treat flood water on private property, if access is granted. The program cannot treat the standing water in tires, buckets etc…

• We have explored enforcement options, but it is not a preferred option given enforcement of pesticides is beyond what I sense is an appropriate place for govt, especially on private land no matter how ecologically friendly the product may be. We also would have significant increases to the service expenses with cost of bylaw, this service is already more expensive than the area can affordOn the funding…

• The program in Lardeau Valley covers some of the most significant amounts of land of any of the programs across BC, the complexity adding to the cost is that the population is proportionally low so the rate per thousand remains high

• Throw in a dam that has shifted its operations, Lardeau seeing a high run off year with more to come, John Cr and Meadow Cr both seeing significantly higher and longer runs some say due to increased logging activity in Deception area, either way, more flood water that is not predictable but monitored and treated asap.

• I have already given the go ahead to have another fund set aside as I can see the projected budget could be exceeded with this years flows, this is a grant not taxation

• Two communities not in the program that do experience the bugs and have standing water: Argenta and Howser. On the calls…

• I have checked at both the RDCK and at MBL (Morrow Bioscience) for what calls have been received. RDCK has received one call and some emails requesting communities be brought into the service area. MBL has had several calls but are still sorting through where the calls came from, as people are not leaving names and no indication of where they are calling from. MBL does programs across the province, please do state at least, the community you are calling from and a phone number to call back. The calls that have been confirmed from the area, one was definitely a complaint, another inquiring how to assist in a private property that is amassing breeding habit and the other a previous employee who assisted in determining some gaps to address (THANK YOU)