Our Shared Story

The Lardeau Valley is geographically located at the north end of Kootenay Lake and Duncan Lake area in the West Kootenay Valley of British Columbia.

Lardeau Valley is a remote mountainous area boasting a total population of approximately 387 full time residents. This includes seven main communities (Lardeau, Cooper Creek, Meadow Creek, Howser, Poplar Creek, Argenta and Johnson’s Landing) as well as smaller ones such as Hamill Creek and Gold Hill.

Gas stations and convenience stores are located in both Cooper Creek and Meadow Creek. Both Meadow Creek and Argenta have a Canada Post outlet. Meadow Creek is also the location of the sole restaurant and pub.

Meadow Creek, Argenta and Johnson’s Landing each have community halls maintained by vibrant and active local nonprofit associations with the assistance of the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK).

For items not found at the well-supplied local Meadow Creek Store, Lardeau Valley residents generally shop in Kaslo and/or Nelson, a distance of approximately 52 km and 120 km respectively, south on Highway 31. This translates to one and two hour trips each way on winding mountain roads. As with most of the Kootenays, winter driving can be treacherous and winter avalanches are not uncommon, temporarily cutting off travel for the majority of Lardeau Valley residents.

The area is home to several small mills, timber construction companies, skiing, wilderness resorts, organic market farms, professional artists and craftspeople (to mention a few). A full listing of businesses and services are found on our Community Directory.

Community members are comprised of dedicated homesteaders, retirees and people that just want to reside in a small quiet remote wilderness area. Residents tend to be independent with varying degrees of self-sufficiency. Communities are small and very close knit yet friendly and dynamic.

Check out the incredible work of the Lardeau Valley Historic Society to learn more about the history of the region.