Foot Care

As Imelda Loimand has retired from from providing foot care at LVCC Meadow Creek Hall, she has passed her practice to Stacy McCarty, Certified Mobile Foot Care Nurse. 

Stacy would like to provide service at the hall the third Tuesday of Jan and Feb : January 24, February 21

To book :

Picture of the First Meadow Creek Store

Roy Collier and his daughter Merle out front of Larry Greenlaw’s Meadow Creek Store after he closed his Howser Store. This is the original store at Meadow Creek before it was renovated later on.

Thanks to Merle Collier Dyck.

Transportation Options

Transportation Options:

There is a BC transit bus that runs Thursday from Meadow Creek, Cooper Creek and Argenta to Kaslo, with a connection to Nelson.  Click the link for schedule.  Fares are $2 from up the lake to Kaslo, and $3.50 more from Kaslo to Nelson, pay the bus driver at boarding.  That is definitely cheaper than gas!   

Helping hands trust is a wonderful, discrete option for adults needing support to get to medical appointments or treatment.  

For trips further afield, Mountain Man Mike’s biodiesel bus picks up in Kaslo and has routes to Vancouver and Calgary.  

While there is a local Facebook rideshare page, for those who are not on Facebook or are looking for something a bit more user friendly, the Kootenay Rideshare platform is free to use for drivers and riders (riders can contribute to gas with a donation). You can view ratings other people have left from past rides before deciding who to travel with and chat with potential drivers/riders about details.  We briefly had a local rideshare for the Lardeau Valley in 2018.  I am curious about the interest in the broader community about setting it up again so there would be a local Kootenay Rideshare page focusing on local rides – within the Lardeau Valley and to surrounding areas.  The main Kootenay Rideshare page leans towards longer distance travel, but the platform would work more locally if there was enough interest.  Please email me your thoughts at

Director’s Report – November 2022

If you are seeking information, or would like to connect with me, please always email me at

A Directors report on our RDCK board agenda is linked below. I will list a few other items of interest for this months agenda with item and page number.

This board meeting is also our inauguration board meeting for the 2022-2028 local government term, and, when the board elects the Chair and Vice Chair position. I have been the Chair for the past 4 years and will be seeking re-election.

Items of interest in the agenda:

Area D Advisory Planning and Heritage Commission minutes

Item 10.1.8 pg 70-73

Columbia Basin Trust Appointment

I have been the appointee from the RDCK to the CBT and will seek re-election

Item 10.4.2 pg 123-127

Director Reports

This is where we post our Director reports including any committees/boards we are appointed to by the RDCK. I am currently on the following external agencies:

Columbia River Treaty Local Government Committee (CRT-LGC)

Columbia Basin Trust (CBT)

Kootenay Cannabis Council

This months report touches on community planning needs, neighborhood concerns, some forestry.

Item 10.5.2

Directors report pgs 139-143

CBT highlights pgs 162

CRT-LGC pgs 163-339

CRT negotiation update pgs 340-341

Youth Parliament Opportunity

An opportunity to support youth to attend a parliament session in Victoria. If there are youth in Area D interested, please reach out and I would be happy to sponsor through a non profit entity.

Item 11.1 pgs 345-349

TO see the full agenda:

2023 Moyie Calendar and 125th Year Celebrations

The SS Moyie was launched in Nelson on October 22nd in 1898 and the Kootenay Lake Historical Society in Kaslo is excited to announce that the ship will be 125 in 2023. The Society is planning events throughout the year to celebrate this milestone.

2022 has been a busy year of rehabilitation work on the ship including refurbishment of her decks and railings to remove any rotten wood and her exterior is being painted. The work is continuing, but by spring she will be sparkling for her important celebration. Major stabilization and restoration work was completed 30 years ago to restore her to the late 1920s and the present work will ensure she will be preserved for future generations.

The Society has published a calendar for 2023 to celebrate the 125th which through the year tells the history of the ship. She was an important means of transport of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s BC Lake and River Service on Kootenay Lake before roads were built. The calendar is available at The Store at Cooper Creek, Figments, Kaslo, J. B. Fletcher Store, Ainsworth, the Kaslo Craft Fair Dec 3rd and other points around Kootenay Lake where she would have stopped when providing passenger and freight service for 59 years. Retiring in 1957, she is now dry-docked beside Kootenay Lake in Kaslo and will be welcoming visitors from May to October in 2023.

 Columbia Basin Food Supply Chain Map

A Columbia Basin Food Supply Chain Map is being developed that shows what products are being shipped, whereto and how often.

This map is intended to connect businesses in the food and agriculture sector who are distributing their products in the Columbia Basin. They want to help businesses overcome barriers to shipping in the region by collaborating to be more cost effective.
Watch this short video to learn more about the project:

Sign up by filling in this short form to add your company to the map. Once your company is on the map, you can put in the information about what you’re shipping, to where and how often.  The whole process takes less than 5 mins.

For instructions on how to add your company and data, watch this video:
This video explains how to use the map:

Questions?  Contact Rebecca Richards, Director, Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation, 250-364-6461 ext: 221 office; 250-921-6169 cell

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