Jewett Coffee Fundraiser

Its Jewett Coffee time again 🥳

Who LOVES good coffee?! And for a great cause!

Let’s support our small, rural school by purchasing a delicious, locally made coffee blend!

No.6 is a boutique coffee roasting company located in Nelson, BC. They purchase all their coffee from independent coffee importers that source exceptional specialty coffees directly from small farms, co-ops and respectable coffee traders. They pay above and beyond production prices. This ensures that farmers are directly compensated for their hard work and encouraged to continuously improve their coffees and livelihoods. Best of all, No. 6 tastes amazing!


For every bag ordered Jewett PAC will receive $6.75!!!

Contact myself via DM or at to place an order.

FUNDRAISER DEADLINE is November 24th please. Coffee will be roasted FRESH and we will receive it first week of December 🙂

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