Land Defenders Court Stand In/Rally

Members of Last Stand West Kootenay and the Argenta Face Forever campaign will be facing civil contempt charges this TUESDAY JULY 19th 2022 at the Nelson courthouse. 320 Ward St, Nelson, BC V1L 1S6

Come show your support and make a statement with your best poster/sign and costume!

We need stand-ins for the courtroom starting at 8:30am

Outdoor group circle and land acknowledgement will ensue at 11:00am.

DJ performance and ecstatic dance will start around noon.

Cacao, snacks and stickers will be on site in exchange of a donation.

Sidewalk chalk art and face paint will also be available for children and those young at heart!

Come meet the community and make a stand for the trees!

Lim Limpt

We are grateful to peacefully hold space here on the unceded Sinixt tumxʷulaʔxʷ

Fire Trailer Committee Callout

LVCC is looking for some dedicated volunteers to form a committee regarding the fire trailers in Meadow Creek and Cooper Creek. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining this committee or come to the first meeting on July 30, 2022 @ 10am at LVCC.

Community members are encouraged to attend the meetings as we will be putting one trailer through its paces at every meeting. You can learn how to get the fire trailer started, how to connect the hoses, and how to refill the tank.

Mosquito Updates from Director Watson – July 8th

Confirmed- they are BAD this year. No debating that fact.

Several factors but first some of the solutions:

• More crews are on their way to the Lardeau Valley to assist in the heavy water flows

• Several large properties that are private have lots of standing water on them, tires, buckets, anything holding water still is prime breeding territory. PLEASE ensure you have no standing water anywhere and if you have neighbors that do, in the most respectful way, encourage them to dump it or at least have it aerated so it keeps it moving.

• The program is not permitted to treat private property, but flood waters are not considered private, so we do treat flood water on private property, if access is granted. The program cannot treat the standing water in tires, buckets etc…

• We have explored enforcement options, but it is not a preferred option given enforcement of pesticides is beyond what I sense is an appropriate place for govt, especially on private land no matter how ecologically friendly the product may be. We also would have significant increases to the service expenses with cost of bylaw, this service is already more expensive than the area can affordOn the funding…

• The program in Lardeau Valley covers some of the most significant amounts of land of any of the programs across BC, the complexity adding to the cost is that the population is proportionally low so the rate per thousand remains high

• Throw in a dam that has shifted its operations, Lardeau seeing a high run off year with more to come, John Cr and Meadow Cr both seeing significantly higher and longer runs some say due to increased logging activity in Deception area, either way, more flood water that is not predictable but monitored and treated asap.

• I have already given the go ahead to have another fund set aside as I can see the projected budget could be exceeded with this years flows, this is a grant not taxation

• Two communities not in the program that do experience the bugs and have standing water: Argenta and Howser. On the calls…

• I have checked at both the RDCK and at MBL (Morrow Bioscience) for what calls have been received. RDCK has received one call and some emails requesting communities be brought into the service area. MBL has had several calls but are still sorting through where the calls came from, as people are not leaving names and no indication of where they are calling from. MBL does programs across the province, please do state at least, the community you are calling from and a phone number to call back. The calls that have been confirmed from the area, one was definitely a complaint, another inquiring how to assist in a private property that is amassing breeding habit and the other a previous employee who assisted in determining some gaps to address (THANK YOU)

Lardeau Valley Harvest Festival Call for Committee Members

Mark your calendars and start thinking about your contest entries – the annual Lardeau Valley Harvest Festival will be held on Saturday, October 1st from 11am-4pm at the LV Hall in Meadow Creek.

This year, we are forming a volunteer committee to make this much-anticipated event happen. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Amanda. The hope is committee members will be available for meetings as well as on the day of the festival. Meetings will be held at LVCC in Meadow Creek on the following dates:

Tuesday, August 9th @ 9am

Tuesday, September 13th @ 1pm

Lost Dog from Howser


Reese is missing from the Howser area, about one hour North of Kaslo. Reese has been missing since July 2nd. He is about 120lbs, and he is neutered. Reese is mostly brown and has a distinguishing wart on his back. He has a tattoo in his ear, but we are unsure of the tattoo number. Reese is a malamute mix and is very friendly. He was not wearing a collar at the time he went missing. If you have any information regarding Reese, please reach out to his owner Erin at 250 353 9667 or call the shelter at 250 352 7178.

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