Report from Birding Walk

Eight intrepid people showed up for LINKS’ “Morning of Birding” led by
Marlene Johnston and Peter Jonker on Saturday the 21st through the Wasden property at the north end of Kootenay Lake. Although the weather was a bit cool, we spotted and listened to songs of 32 species. The Wasden
property ecosystem is characterized by a mix of wetland meadows bordered
by willow and dogwood thickets and, in slightly elevated areas, covered
in towering old growth cottonwood. So, we encountered various waterfowl
and shorebirds as well as warblers, sparrows, vireos, thrushes,
woodpecker-family species, grouse, members of the jay family, and more.
We were hoping to hear and see the beautiful and very vocal
yellow-breasted chat——a species we have seen here in other years in late
May/early June. But no luck this time. Thank you Marlene and Peter for
leading the group; thank you Sandra Martens for making perfect coffee
and a large batch of delicious muffins filled with cream cheese. Thank
you to LINKS for supporting this opportunity for local wildlife enthusiasts.