Results for Lardeau’s 25th Christmas Bird Count (2021)

photo of a Northern Flicker, taken by Jim Lawrence.

Lardeau’s 25th annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC) on December 27th was a low key brutal day which broke a couple records; the coldest and the least number of species. Despite the day starting at -18C with a strong north wind, 26 loyal and enthusiastic participants from Meadow Creek, Cooper Creek, Argenta, Johnsons Landing, Lardeau and Shutty Bench braced the cold (or watched from the warm side of their window) to search for birds. Participants counted a mere 25 species with only 368 birds; wild turkeys being the highest species count at 75. The highlights include a flock of Red-winged blackbirds that seem to favour Cooper Creek, one Great Blue Heron and a lone American Robin. The lack of water fowl could be partially explained by no open water and the blustery conditions on Kootenay Lake.  For comparison, at last year’s CBC (2020) we counted 38 species with a total of 941 birds.

Thank you to all Lardeau CBC participants for enduring the cold and supporting North American’s longest-running Citizen Science project, the Christmas Bird Count. The information collected forms one of the world’s largest sets of wildlife survey data and is used to assess the population trends and distribution of birds. For more information see: