Telus Notice of Removal

Telus has posted on the payphone at the Meadow Creek Bakery Bar and Grill and at the Store at Cooper Creek that they will be removing the pay phones by June 6th.  Since last year KiN and LINKS have been collaborating on a project to bring emergency communication sites with VoIP phones and wi-fi hotspots to various locations in the Lardeau Valley.  They are already installed at the 3 community halls, and we have plans to install them at both the Meadow Creek Store and the Store at Cooper Creek.  Telus needs to hear from locals that the pay phones need to remain at least until we are able to set up this alternative.  Otherwise there will be a big gap in emergency roadside communications that would put visitors and locals at risk.  Please contact Telus at 1-844-825-8481 or  You can also write MP Rob Morrison, who is responsible for telecommunications, at