The Lardeau Valley Christmas Bird count results! thank you to all who participated!

As part of the 121st annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count, Lardeau’s 24th CBC took place on December 27th. Thirty enthusiastic but physically distanced participants recorded 38 species on count day (on par with the average of 36) and an additional 6 species during the count week. Some highlights are that there were no Barrow’s goldeneyes nor Evening Grosbeaks reported at all during the entire count week. For only the second time in 24 years and 2nd year in a row, a Marsh wren was recorded at an Argenta slough. More detailed and historical CBC results can be found at: 

The Audubon CBC is one of the longest-running wildlife censuses in the world. Each individual count takes place in a 15-mile-wide circle. Within each circle, participants tally all birds seen or heard that day—not just the species but total numbers to provide a clear idea of the health of that particular population. When combined with other surveys such as the Breeding Bird Survey, the Audubon CBC provides a picture of how the continent’s bird populations have changed in time and space over the past twelve decades. The long-term perspective is vital for conservationists. It informs strategies to protect birds and their habitat, and helps identify environmental issues with implications for people as well.
Audubon CBC data are also used to measure how birds are already responding to climate change. By tracking how bird ranges have moved over time, conservation efforts can be prioritized in areas that are important for birds today and in a climate-altered future. With two thirds of North American bird species at increasing risk of extinction by the end of this century, Audubon CBC data is more important than ever for effective conservation.

Common Goldeneye, photo Gordon Brown
Pine Grosbeak, photo Jim Lawrence
Wild Turkey, photo Jim Lawrence
Marsh Wren, photo Kate Murphy
Group photo, Peter Jonker

Here are the results for the Lardeau Valley Count Day, Dec 27th, 2020:

Canada Geese 76, Mallard 17, Bufflehead 8, Common Goldeneye 13, Common Merganser 11, Ruffed Grouse 2, Wild Turkey 47, Common Loon 1, Horned Grebe 3, Great Blue Heron 3, Northern Goshawk 1, Bald Eagle 8, Gull sp 2, Northern Pygmy Owl 1, Belted Kingfisher 2, Hairy Woodpecker 3, Downy Woodpecker 2, Northern Flicker 7, Pileated Woodpecker 1, Gray Jay 4, Steller’s Jay 42, Common Raven 58, Black-cap Chickadee 74, Chestnut-back Chickadee 27, Red-breasted Nuthatch 32, Brown Creeper 7, Pacific Wren 9, Marsh Wren 1, American Dipper 7, Golden-crowned Kinglet 7, Bohemian Waxwing 1, Dark-eyed Junco 1, Song Sparrow 30, Red-winged Blackbird 58, Pine Grosbeak 16, Common Redpoll 2, Pine Siskin 318, American Goldfinch 39

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