Transportation Options

Transportation Options:

There is a BC transit bus that runs Thursday from Meadow Creek, Cooper Creek and Argenta to Kaslo, with a connection to Nelson.  Click the link for schedule.  Fares are $2 from up the lake to Kaslo, and $3.50 more from Kaslo to Nelson, pay the bus driver at boarding.  That is definitely cheaper than gas!   

Helping hands trust is a wonderful, discrete option for adults needing support to get to medical appointments or treatment.  

For trips further afield, Mountain Man Mike’s biodiesel bus picks up in Kaslo and has routes to Vancouver and Calgary.  

While there is a local Facebook rideshare page, for those who are not on Facebook or are looking for something a bit more user friendly, the Kootenay Rideshare platform is free to use for drivers and riders (riders can contribute to gas with a donation). You can view ratings other people have left from past rides before deciding who to travel with and chat with potential drivers/riders about details.  We briefly had a local rideshare for the Lardeau Valley in 2018.  I am curious about the interest in the broader community about setting it up again so there would be a local Kootenay Rideshare page focusing on local rides – within the Lardeau Valley and to surrounding areas.  The main Kootenay Rideshare page leans towards longer distance travel, but the platform would work more locally if there was enough interest.  Please email me your thoughts at