Director's Corner - Aimee Watson

Update from RDCK, emergency preparedness resources, April 30th

What’s the difference between an Evacuation Alert and an Evacuation Order?

An Evacuation Alert is a warning about a potential imminent threat to life and property. It is intended to give you time to be ready for a possible evacuation – bags are packed and ready at the door. 

An Evacuation Order means you must leave immediately – grab your bags and go. 

Remember, the evacuation process doesn’t always flow neatly from alert to order. You might need to evacuate without warning or, due to COVID-19, you might be required to evacuate earlier than you might expect to ensure the safety of responders and yourself. All of this highlights the need to be prepared!! 

Visit the RDCK website for more information about evacuations and more resources to help you be prepared:…/emergency-man…/emergency-preparedness.html

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