Workshop Ideas?

If it takes a village to raise a child, what might that village look like in 2023 and beyond? What might it look like from the perspective of the child? The teenager? The parent? The elder in the community? How might a modern day, rural village model work at the north end of Kootenay Lake? Economically? Educationally? Technologically? What skills and resources are needed and what knowledge would be helpful in these times for village-mindedness to be sustained, enhanced, and to thrive?

This is the subject of a workshop series starting this fall and continuing next spring in Johnsons Landingand we are looking for your input. So far workshop topics that have come up include: food forest gardening and enhancement; primitive and traditional living skills; growing and wildcrafting herbs and mushrooms for food and medicine; weaving and basket making; knife, saw, axe sharpening and the basics of working with wood; traditional beverage making and fermentation; living with forest fire; communication and conflict resolution skills; rural life, elderhood, death and reciprocity; etc…

One or two day-long workshops will include both specific skills building and campfire-style discussion time to explore ways of integrating learned skills into an everyday village lifestyle participants can take home to wherever they live.

Please send your relevant workshop ideas and suggestions for (preferably regionally local) qualified guides/teachers/leaders on your topic(s) of interest to:

I welcome your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for making this series as relevant, fertile and meaningful as possible in these interesting times.


susan vanrooy